The premium aluminum entrance will captivate you every day thanks to its modern design and precise functionality

The individual appearance of aluminum house doors will emphasize your personality. Thanks to a wide range of design variants, they can be perfectly matched to individual requirements and the architecture of the house. However, the advantages of Schüco entrance doors are not only intelligent design, but also excellent thermal insulation, safety and a very long service life. The extensive range of equipment and accessories also guarantees that your new door will suit you in terms of comfort.

Aluminum doors Schüco AD UP 75/90

New in 2019! A completely new Schüco AD UP aluminum entrance door system, offered in two construction depths of 75 and 90 mm. This entrance door system is completely ideal both for family houses and for commercial use with maximum requirements for long-term functionality at maximum load. The statics of this system is completely uncompromising, which is why the products from the Schüco AD UP system have the highest ratio of aluminum compared to other aluminum products on the market.

  • Tested for one million cycles

  • Highest aluminum ratio

  • New in 2019!

  • Very high level of security

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties

  • Suitable for low-energy houses and commercial buildings

Aluminum door Schüco ADS 90 SimplySmart

Aluminum door Schüco AWS 90.SI (Super Insulation) is a highly thermally insulated profile system at the level of a passive house and with a share of renewable raw materials. The combination of convincing properties of aluminum enables the implementation of various architectural solutions and permanent construction focused on the future.

  • Very high static stability

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties

  • Passive house certificate according to the ift Rosenheim testing laboratory

  • Very high level of security

  • Very convenient operation with different types of opening

  • Suitable for low-energy and passive family houses

Aluminum door Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart

The Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart aluminum door system is suitable for both residential and non-residential buildings and, like the entire system platform, is fully compatible with Schüco facades and windows, including side panels and skylights.

  • The ideal standard for high demands of entrance doors

  • Optimal thermal insulation properties

  • Very high level of security

  • Vysoká životnost

  • Suitable for low-energy family houses