Your home should be a place to relax and unwind.  However, this is only possible if your home is well secured when viewed from the outside.  Every 4 minutes, a house or apartment is robbed somewhere.  Windows, balcony doors or sliding door systems located on the ground floor are particularly at risk.  70% of burglaries are done by professionals exploiting weaknesses in the window especially the frame.  The right choice of profiles and fittings helps, as unsuccessful attempts to quickly make entry deter thieves after only a few minutes.  The combination of the Schüco profile systems together with Roto fittings ensure the continued security of your home, so you can rest at ease.


In more than 90% of cases, perpetrators enter through unsecured windows, entry or sliding doors. Current security standards for windows and doors.

Burglary resistance is clearly defined in three security classes.  These classes are: RC1, RC2 and RC3.  Legislatively defined resistance classes indicate how long a window or door can withstand an attempted forcible intrusion using various tools.  If the intrusion attempt lasts for several minutes, many perpetrators will end their efforts in fear of being detected.  Therefore, the higher the resistance class, the higher the intrusion protection.  Police experts recommend at least resistance class RC2 for private households.


In order for windows, doors and sliding systems to meet the required classes, high demands are placed on the entire window system.  Roto fittings already have a high level of security in the standard version and thus provide better protection against burglary attempts.  With standard windows, we normally encounter only one safety lock.  Our windows are already equipped with up to three safety locks as standard, which will prevent attempts to pry.  Additional mechanical and electronic security elements can be installed individually – both within the requirements for the highest level of security (up to RC3) and as protection against burglary.  For additional security requirements, we recommend contacting our professional consultants directly at the construction planning stage.


Roto fittings with systematically integrated basic security

Designed for windows and balcony doors made of plastic, Roto fittings already offer a high level of built-in security as a standard: a mushroom pin located on the lower edge of the sash, creating a firm connection with the corresponding frame closure.  The result: better protection against prying from the start.


Variants of security pins ‘‘ V ‘‘ in combination with a security frame locks offer high protection against burglary, including a large range of functional working clearance between the sash and the frame.

Safe children’s room

Windows open up the world to us.  However, they can also pose a risk to little explorers.  A friend calls from outside, the child playing opens a window from which he leans too far and the danger is clear.  That’s why Roto has developed a special technology – “fold before opening”.  Intelligent security mechanism.  The Roto child lock only allows the window to be folded down when the handle is horizontal.  At the same time, the lockable handle prevents it from being moved from the folded to the open position.  The handle can only be unlocked with a key.


 Safe ventilation

It doesn’t matter if the child safety window is closed or folded – only the person with the key can open it completely.  And of course it does not belong in children’s hands.  This guarantees safety and at the same time allowing ventilation in the folded position as part of regular air exchange.  If the child’s room is to be used in another way later, the child lock can be easily removed.


Safety glazing

When designing the correct glazing, the safety function of the glass itself should not be neglected.  Safety of those using the interior, and the protection of property from unwanted visitors, the question arises as to which safety glass to choose.  Laminated safety glass is a suitable recommendation for the above-mentioned functions.  Glass is always composed of at least two flat glass sheets and one (or even more) PVB foils.  Thanks to this foil, the glass will remain in the event of breakage and no personal injury will occur.  However, if it is necessary to protect the interior from thieves and people from possible collapse of the glass surface, it is necessary to choose the composition of two panes of glass and two PVB foils, eg Stratobel 33.2.  Such composition already meets the highest class of safety against falling through glazing, and the second class of safety against forcible penetration according to the ČSN EN 356 standard, ie class P2A.



Security with the Schüco brand is not just a good feeling, it is a fact.  This is guaranteed by the innovative, tested technology of Schüco windows, entry and sliding doors, which is not obvious at first glance, but is nevertheless very effective.  These products reliably meet all required safety standards.  The guarantor of this is the independent Schüco technology center.





 In order to feel comfortable and safe at home at any time, it pays to invest in your own safety right from the start.  From our range of products, we offer windows, entry and sliding doors with the most modern locking systems and a wide range of accessories that will meet even the most demanding requirements for the safety and security of your home.