Decorative foil – individual design with one-color shades and wooden decors

Selecting plastic windows with decorative foils offers: excellent thermal insulation values, long life and excellent price-performance ratio.  Thanks to a wide range of one-color and wooden decors, any individual requirements can be achieved .

Schüco decorative foils can be applied to either one or both sides, which makes it possible to realize harmonized combinations for the façade and interior.

Structured or smooth decorative foils allow you to create your own architectural emphasis and harmonious appearance of each type of house or facade.

Schüco Automotive Finish

 Premium metallic foils, developed in cooperation with the automotive industry.  Created for your design demands.

The color scheme reflects the know-how of automotive paints with the highest technical requirements for color reproduction and resistance to weathering.  Metallic colors and selected RAL-EFFECT color effects are presented in unprecedented purity.  The purity of individual color shades are achieved by using special color pigments that are resistant to both weather conditions and thermal shock.  For each color shade, the degree of gloss is precisely defined, which ensures a modern look.

Schüco TopAlu

Outdoor aluminum cover strips are an attractive design variant of plastic window and door systems.

The Schüco Corona TopAlu aluminum cover strip system combines the advantages of plastic, such as thermal insulation, tightness and easy maintenance, with the exceptional design and long service life of light metals.  Timeless elegance makes aluminum the ideal material for modern architecture.

Schüco Corona TopAlu ensures a long life for your windows and also gives them a elegant look.  Thus, there are practically no limits to individual requirements.