Schüco LivIng plastic doors

Schüco LivIng is a new profile system that sets new standards for comfort, safety, energy efficiency and design. Thanks to the construction depth of the frame of 82 mm and thermal insulation properties at the level of a passive house, it already meets the demands placed on the economical entrance door of the future.

  • Maximum design individuality

  • 7-chamber window system with excellent thermal insulation properties and Uw value up to 0.7 W / (m²K)

  • Innovative patented shape memory seal

  • Passive house certificate according to the ift Rosenheim testing laboratory

  • Also available in gray and caramel core shade

  • Made exclusively of door frames and leaves

Plastic door Schüco Corona CT 70 HT

The multi-chamber construction of the profile with three chambers and a construction depth of 70 mm forms the basis for optimal thermal insulation. By using a circumferential stop seal and insulating glazing, optimal thermal insulation values have been achieved.

  • Optimal thermal insulation

  • High soundproofing and resistance to crosswinds and rain

  • Two levels of sealing

  • Suitable for family houses

  • Made exclusively of door frames and leaves