Technical parameters of the system LIVING 82

Construction depth 82 mm
Number of chambers 7
Design Classic
Surface finishes Dekorační fólie/AutomotiveFinish / TopAlu
Seal 2x seating surfaces, 1x center
Thermal permeability of the frame Uf 0,96 W/m2.K
Thermal permeability of glass Ug 1,1 – 0,5 W/m2.K
Total transfer heat  Uw 1,1 – 0,74 W/m2.K


  • Very high energy savings - also suitable for passive houses

  • Above-standard safety certificate is already included the standard version (possibility of increasing to safety class RC3)

  • Innovative seal for maximum durability

  • Innovative seal for maximum durability

  • Standard thermo-insert under the lower edge of the glass (elimination of the most risky place for heat leakage)

  • Over 70 colors and decors

  • Schüco = 100% made in Germany

  • Fabricated and assembled in our production facility, which is one of the most modern in the Czech Republic


Modern plastic windows currently have a lifespan of more than 30 years. Perfect if all other components work for this long – such as window seals. Because this is what significantly contributes to maintaining the functionality of windows. With Schüco Livlng frame windows, you get the highest quality product down to the last detail, especially the integrated high-quality EPDM seal. EPDM is an extra-class sealing material and, thanks to its excellent properties, is used in many different areas, such as the medical, aerospace and automotive industries. For Schüco LivIng windows, the EPDM seal is characterized by perfect sealing efficiency with excellent shape memory, which guarantees excellent tightness for the entire life of your window.

Thanks to the use of this new sealing technology and the modern automatic welding in our production, we guarantee you maximum tightness even in the critical corner areas of windows. For you, this means the comfort of living.


The heat stays inside, the cold outside. The seven chambers inside the frame profile ensure very high thermal insulation up to the level of a passive house, which until now was practically unthinkable without costly additional measures. If you replace your original windows with Schüco Livlng windows, you will significantly reduce your current energy balance. The excellent thermal insulation properties make Schüco Livlng windows truly exclusive and comfortable residential windows, as the temperature on the inside of the frames does not drop significantly below room temperature, even in the harshest winter conditions. This permanently and effectively prevents drafts and condensation. In addition, virtually no heat escapes through the glass surface, but precious solar energy.

The infrared thermographic image clearly shows in which parts of the house have an uncontrollable loss of energy. Red indicates heat loss, therefore energy loss.

After the careful installation of new windows from the Schüco LivIng system, thermography proves the high energy gain of this investment. The original energy loss was almost completely eliminated.


Schüco Livlng windows combine functionality and timeless design. The harmonious interplay with various shapes and color gives each home unmistakable character.

Schüco Living adapts to the trends of modern architecture. In recent years, there has been a very high interest for windows in many shades of gray. Therefore, this profile system is also available with a gray core. In wooden decors, the windows are delivered in a bristle shade of caramel. This gives the window a harmonious look even when opened

For your satisfaction, we offer over 70 surface finishes
Choose to right one for you

Unique design according to you


One of the integral features of every window and door should be the degree of security. Few people know that thieves get into the building by slamming the windows. All you need is a screwdriver and 5 seconds.

To insure your safety, we equip standard windows and balcony doors with 3 all-metal safety locks against levering or prying. The mature Schüco technology also makes a significant contribution to the high security of windows and doors. It significantly makes life difficult for all thieves. In addition to the high resistance of the plastic material itself, the Schüco Livlng plastic window system is also characterized by an above-average construction depth with very deep-placed fittings. Thieves thus have a considerable problem with finding a suitable place to use a screwdriver or even a crowbar. Modern technology of the locking mechanism with a mushroom head and steel fittings practically prevents levering. Even the drilling of fittings is not possible thanks to the use of hardened steel. All this is standard.

Find out more about security in our article!

There are many good reasons to opt for Schüco LivIng plastic windows. One of them is the convincing quality of the Schüco system. All Schüco plastic systems are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany, at the Weißenfels branch. The plastic used meets the highest quality requirements, is environmentally friendly, stabilized, based on calcium-zinc, resistant to light and weather, shock resistant and permanently stable even at higher heat. Roto fittings have an anti-corrosion surface and guarantee long-term function. Maintenance and service costs for Schüco LivIng windows are thus reduced to a minimum.

Schüco LivIng – 100 % made in Germany