Plastic windows Schüco LIVING 82 MD


Schüco LivIng is a new profile system that sets new standards for comfort, safety, energy efficiency and design. Thanks to the 82mm frame construction depth and thermal insulation properties at the level of a passive house, it already meets the demands placed on the economical window of the future.

  • Over 70 colors and decors

  • 7-chamber, 3 levels of sealing

  • Above-standard security included at no extra charge

  • Passive house certificate according to the ift Rosenheim testing laboratory

  • Ageless EPDM shape memory seal

  • Maximum service life guarantee

Plastic windows Schüco AluInside

Schüco AluInside plastic windows are innovative windows of a new generation, which brings you maximum savings in thermal energy. It is a new solution of profile construction, where its reinforcement is provided by two aluminum strips.

  • Innovative patented design

  • 7-chamber window system with excellent thermal insulation properties

  • • Patented plastic and aluminum construction

  • Passive house certificate according to the ift Rosenheim testing laboratory

  • Suitable for low-energy and passive houses

Plastic windows Schüco Corona CT 70

The basic line of our plastic windows consists of Schüco Corona CT 70. The multi-chamber profile construction with five chambers and a construction depth of 70 mm forms the basis for high thermal insulation.

  • Excellent thermal insulation

  • •Optimal thermal insulation properties

  • High soundproofing and resistance to crosswinds

  • 5-chamber window system

  • Two levels of sealing

  • Suitable for residential buildings