Turn your front door into a real gateway to your home. Doors with PERITO door panels adapt perfectly to you. You can choose from plastic, aluminum or glazed door panels.


Plastic entrance doors easily conform to modern buildings and classic houses. Just choose the right type of door, their color and decorative elements.

If you need solid and durable doors, select the ENTRY line or HPL door panels – it just depends on your design requirements. And if you are looking for cheaper PVC door panels, take a look at our ABS door panel offers.

ENTRY door panel Variety

ENTRY plastic entrance doors will be appreciated by everyone who wants only the best from their entrance doors. They offer:

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • High strength and durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Modern and innovative design


Thanks to a wide selection of models, colors and designs, your door will be exactly to measure. ENTRY entrance doors are in the highest category of plastic doors and are the only ones with the possibility of an external covering. This makes their appearance even more impressive. By purchasing ENTRY entrance doors, you get a great design, excellent durability and excellent thermal insulation properties at the same time.

HPL door panels

Plastic entrance doors with HPL filling will be appreciated by anyone looking for quality at a reasonable price. Entrance doors with HPL filling are made of pressed synthetic resin, and therefore:

  • They are firm and hard
  • Resistant to sunlight and weather
  • You can choose from many different models, colors and imitation wood styles.


Thanks to this, you can use them in classic village houses and in modern buildings.

In addition, you can replace the HPL top plate with aluminum for all doors. And if you choose panels with a thickness of over 34 mm, you get a plastic door with excellent thermal insulation properties.

All you have to do is choose one of the three design lines of HPL plastic doors and then just fine-tune the look and accessories.

  • Premium – imitates wooden doors, and therefore will be appreciated especially by lovers of classic appearance. They offer several types of frames around the glazing, which you can replace if the glass breaks.
  • Elegance – thanks to its appearance, it is especially suitable for modern houses. They are complemented by frames made of special non-contact aluminum, which resists dirt.
  • Visual – will please especially fans of simplicity. Therefore, there are no frames for the glazed parts.

ABS door panels

ABS plastic entrance doors are the basic model line of PERITO doors. They are made of vacuum molded ABS plastic plate and have three main advantages.

  • They are colorfast (keep the same color)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable

For ABS plastic entrance doors, you have a choice of models divided into 2 type series.

  • Classic
  • Technic

Classic plastic doors combine elegant round shapes and various glazing options. This makes PERITO one of the most historically popular doors.

Technic entrance doors, on the other hand, use mainly geometric shapes, which is why they are especially suitable for modern houses.


Aluminum entrance doors will be appreciated by anyone looking for the highest quality. They are durable, last for decades and are easy to maintain.

Thanks to a wide range of models and accessories, ALU Design aluminum doors easily adapt to a modern new building and an older house. You can choose from a variety of designs from traditional classics to original extravagant styles. Renowned Czech designer MgA Peter Novague also took part in the creation of this series.

The new ALU SMART product line is custom-made for customers who prefer quality combined with a modern look. Models from this series are carefully selected from the best-selling fillings and, in addition, refreshed with new trendy models. This series brings a wide range of surface finishes and also, for example, the possibility of design in a single-sided overlap of the door frame.


ALU SMART aluminum entrance doors correspond to the current trends and ideas of today’s customer. It offers high quality and a selection of the most popular models. In addition, they guarantee:

  • Possibility of perfect color matching of windows and doors
  • Inserted variant or one-sided overlap of the door frame
  • Affordability while maintaining the highest quality
  • Lifespan of decades and easy maintenance

A wide range of models allows you to adapt the door to the style of your house. Not only can you choose from many color shades and wood decors, but in this line you can also choose from various surface treatment technologies from powder coating, lamination with decorative foils or Decoral.

ALU Design

ALU Design aluminum entrance doors excel in quality and perfectly incorporate even the smallest details. In addition, they offer:

  • High strength and durability
  • Lifespan of decades
  • Modern and original design
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties

You can easily adapt their final form to your requirements. You can choose not only from many colors or wood imitation, but also from more than 50 models. The original design is enhanced by the overlap of the sash frame.

If you want something really original, choose one of the models designed by the renowned Czech designer MgA. Peter Novague. Aluminum doors also have excellent thermal insulation properties. Thanks to this, you can also use the ALU Design entrance door in passive houses.