Plastic sliding doors
perfect thermal insulation, tightness, comfort, design and very high safety

Schüco Thermoslide lift and sliding doors

It is surprising how easy it is to move with a sliding door with a lift. When closed, they convince with their perfect tightness and provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. In addition, their resistance to intrusion increases the feeling of personal security.

  • Maximum tightness and safety

  • Also suitable for passive houses

  • Very quiet and easy operation

  • Easy handling even with the largest possible dimensions

  • Made of a special ThermoSlide profile system

  • Can be made of up to 4 leaves

Parallel sliding door Pation PS

It is a combination of HST and PSK systems. Patio PS is a patented system developed by Roto. The aim was to develop a sliding system that allows easy and quiet handling of the sash, up to a sash weight of 200 kg.


  • Economical variant to HS Thermoslide portals

  • Quiet and easy operation with automatic sash retraction

  • Possibility of micro-ventilation

  • Can be made of up to 4 leaves

Tilt and sliding doors (PSK)

The primary feature of the PSK tilt and door is that they enable classic tilt ventilation. This fitting system has been in place for many years and we now expect an innovation in the form of the tilt function of the Patio PS parallel sliding door.

  • Possibility of tilt ventilation

  • Quiet and easy operation

  • Can be made of up to 4 sections

Folding sliding doors (FST)

A characteristic feature of these sliding doors is that the entire space can be fully opened, while with conventional sliding doors, one half always remains firmly closed. It is therefore possible to fully connect the interior and exterior in a matter of seconds.

  • Allows you to open the entire sliding system

  • Can be made of up to 8 sections

  • One sash classically opening (for normal operation), the remaining sections are folding for maximum connection of the interior with the exterior