Technical parameters of the system LIVING 82

Construction depth 82 mm
Number of chambers 7
Design Classic
Surface finishes Decorative foil /AutomotiveFinish / TopAlu
Seal 2x seating surfaces 1x center
Thermal permeability of the frame Uf 0,90 – 0,76 W/m2.K
Thermal permeability of glass Ug 1,1 – 0,5 W/m2.K
Total transfer heat  Uw 1,1 – 0,68 W/m2.K


  • 7-chamber window system with excellent thermal insulation properties

  • Patented plastic and aluminum construction

  • Three levels of sealing

  • High soundproofing and resistance to crosswinds and rain

  • Passive house certificate according to the ift Rosenheim testing laboratory

  • Suitable for low-energy and passive houses


Schüco Alu Inside are energy-saving innovative windows of the new generation. Alu Inside is a 7-chamber profile system with excellent thermal insulation properties with Uf values of up to 0.76 W / m2.K. Notice on the cross section of the profile that the massive steel reinforcement is missing. This is an innovative solution for the construction of this profile, where the reinforcement of the profile is provided by two aluminum strips. Thanks to this innovative solution, the windows have a high static stability, the formation of thermal bridges is prevented, the narrow frames allow the use of a larger area of glass (more light) and are lighter than windows with classic profiles with steel reinforcement. The window made of Alu Inside profile, which is fitted with heavy triple glazing, has a comparable weight as a window with steel reinforcement, which is fitted with lighter double glaze.

It’s good to know that energy-saving Alu Inside windows and their components have been maintenance-free for many years and are easy to clean. The surfaces are color and light stable, fittings and handles are equipped with corrosion protection. Thanks to this, you can look forward to your new, custom-made, energy-saving Alu Inside windows for a very long time.


The seven closed air chambers inside the frame profile ensure maximum thermal insulation efficiency, which was previously unthinkable without costly additional measures. The patented combined construction of plastic and aluminum reinforces the profiles so effectively that the steel reinforcements used in conventional profiles can be completely omitted. The removal of these “thermal bridges” significantly increases the insulation performance of these frame profiles. By replacing old windows with energy-saving Schüco Alu Inside windows, you will save up to 33% of your current energy consumption. In a normal family house, it can be up to 1441 liters of heating oil per year. At the same time, you will alleviate almost 4546 kg of CO2 emissions per year for the environment. In addition to the innovative profile technology, the energy-saving Schüco Alu Inside windows with 3 independent sealing levels offer you the advantage of excellent sound insulation and protection against adverse weather conditions. The excellent thermal insulation properties make the energy-saving Schüco Alu Inside windows exclusive residential windows, as the temperature on the inside of the frames does not drop significantly below room temperature, even in the harshest winter conditions. This permanently and effectively prevents drafts and moisture condensation.


Alu Inside profiles are available in three varieties. The first variety is without internal insulation, which achieves a thermal transmission of the frame Uf 0.90 W / m2.K. The second variety of the frame contains polystyrene insulation in the middle part of the profile, both in the sash and in the frames. This variety with central insulation achieves a thermal transmission of the Uf frame of 0.78 W / m2.K. This second variety can be extended by an insert, which reduces the space between the sash and the frame. With this modification, the profile achieves a thermal transmission of the Uf frame of 0.76 W / m2.K.

You can choose from three variants