Technical parameters Schüco Thermoslide

Construction depth 219 mm
Surface finishes 5 frame, 7 leaf
Design Classic
Surface finishes Decorative foil /AutomotiveFinish / TopAlu
Thermal permeability of the frame Uf 1,1 W/m2.K
Thermal permeability of glass Ug 1,1 – 0,5 W/m2.K
Total transfer heat  Uw 1,2 – 0,79 W/m2.K

BENEFITS of lift and slide doors, Schüco ThermoSlide

  • Maximum tightness and safety

  • Also suitable for passive houses

  • Very quiet and easy operation

  • Easy handling even with the largest possible dimensions

  • Made of a special ThermoSlide profile system

  • Can be made of up to 4 parts


It is surprising how easy it is to move with a sliding door with a lift. When closed, they convince with their perfect tightness and provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. In addition, their resistance to intrusion increases the feeling of personal security. The sliding lift door can be opened by sliding it to one side or from the center. Up to three rails allow large opening spacings and thus flexible use in large-format glass structures, such as conservatories. Thanks to the special glazing technique, the size of the door can be realized up to a height of 2.60 m. This type of door can be assembled from up to 4 leaves.

Choose the place of the usual terrace sliding doors (or HST) and enjoy the unique connection of the interior with the exterior. The simple system of opening the sash with one hand or integrated electric control by sliding to the side guarantees the preservation of enough free space in the room and at the same time barrier-free access to the exterior.

Schüco ThermoSlide plastic sliding doors guarantee a well-lit space, a nice view and an individual look. Their construction makes it possible to create new, generous spatial concepts with a better quality of living.


Saving energy means not only a benefit in terms of climate protection, but also financial savings – and this is in the interests of every builder, given the soaring energy prices. Thanks to sophisticated multi-chamber plastic profiles, a construction depth of 82 mm and high-quality triple glazing, Schüco ThermoSlide achieves excellent thermal insulation values at the level of a passive house. This means high living comfort with a pleasant, constant room climate and additional savings in precious energy and high costs.